I am a warrior. textures and textiles. knit and embroider. weave and loom. color and design. avocados and bacon. beer and black coffee. naps and dance parties. cooking and baking. swimming and salt water. climbing and waterfalls. seltzer and lime. visuals are life.

My goals are basically to keep expanding my knowledge of good design by traveling and living life to the fullest. I truly feel this is the best way to keep constant inspiration and motivation filtering through my creative conscience. Every job I’ve encountered has taught me to have a good work ethic and especially to be able to multi task in a fast paced environment. I’ve had to deal with all ends of the design world ranging from print shops to the marketing department of a huge corporation.

I am skilled in all aspects of design ranging from print, package, textile/surface design, multi media, and clothing. I have the ability to develop ideas from concepts through working comprehensives. I am trained on Macintosh computers, though I have worked on PCs. I am skilled in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator (all CS5), and knowledgeable in Pointcarre. I can work a sewing machine like no ones business, wield knitting needles to create snuggly accessories, and paint florals til I die.

{all photographs are my own unless otherwise specified}

you can find me ALL over the web ::smiles:: follow the below links and delve deeper into all that inspires me on a daily basis. I have to say I love Pinterest. It is like a constant inspiration board. ox : a

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