Adventures down the Glossier Road

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As every new yorker (and even if youre a visitor here you’ve probably made the big jump to going underground and brave the hot mess of the subway) knows once you step off that last step into the abyss you are immediately a ball of moistness (Yeah. I said it. Because you KNOW thats what […]

Wake up with Linda (watch all of them. Seriously)

I recently became super into Into The Gloss and one of the bits I found was called Wake Up With Me. Employees and friends video there morning routines. I’ve taken notes on things I may want to try (ie. Murad essential c eye cream, Glossier’s soothing face mist, Bumble and Bumble Thicken Dryspun Finish) but again, I have […]

I heart Sephora

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I mean, let’s be honest. If you are kinda into make up, REALLY into make up, or don’t really care Sephora this place is like a playground of excellent. The colors, different textures, adorable employees in all black or black and red. Even when I wasn’t really into make up or skin care I liked […]

(Non) Adventures with a Make Up Artist (and other horrors)

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I do not like people to touch my face. No make up, no licking, no gentle caressing (if you have sweaty palms). No moisturizer, one kind of face wash, one kind of sunblock (Coppertone Oil Free Faces SPF 30 – the only one that doesn’t make me break out FTW!) DON’T TOUCH IT. My skin has […]

The Foo Fighters rockin’ the pants off of us all

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So I saw the Foo Fighters the other night. I have seen them a few times before. The most epic//important time being when I saw them open for the Rolling Stones in 1997 (?).. the night before I was to take the infamous SATs. I clearly made the right choice as the SATs are kind […]

All the baby knits!

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  My friend Casey just had a baby recently. I love ill’ bb’s! Especially because I can knit all the cute stuff. All of it. So for baby Zoe I knit a watermelon hat, a little bolero (that she can grow into – I knit it for a 1 year old) and a little knit […]

Hoot hoot hoot {Owl Love}

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I found a site with cute craft ideas based around all things owl. Pot holders, knitting needle holders, zipper pouches. Totally adorable. Check it out. What a hoot! Darling Owl Potholders via the Craftsy class In the Hoop Gifts

Amy Poehler is all things amazing

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  Amy Poehler is amazing. AMAZING. She is currently writing {has already written} a book that I cannot WAIT to read. I  just finished Bossypants by Tina Fey and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling – both of which I enjoyed quite a bit. Lots of subway giggling {one […]

Minted. {I love this site!}

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Oh man, I  just discovered this site minted and my brain just exploded. GORGEOUS. They have such a good handle on color and design, and I love that they bring in designers from all over the world. Their site is very user friendly {for me anyway}. They do baby + kids, weddings, business cards, art prints, […]

Fluffy Babies

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Meet my babies. Their momma died and I adopted them when they were about 5 weeks old. They are huge. Big big kitties, we figured out that they were part or full maine coons. They follow me around, mewing and trying to lay on everything and anything I am doing. Painting, typing on the computer, […]